Tutorials and Courses

Whether you are a student at the beginning of a research career in biomedical image analysis or a seasoned veteran, you will likely find attending a SimpleITK tutorial beneficial. These tutorials will shorten the time it takes you to master SimpleITK, with all of the material (code, data, presentations) provided using permissive licenses. After the tutorial, you can readily use the code in your research or go on to use it in your own teaching activities. Additionally, attending a tutorial allows you to directly interact with the SimpleITK team. This is your opportunity to request specific features, and get advice on how to best utilize SimpleITK for your research needs.

While SimpleITK supports eight programming languages, the lingua franca of the biomedical data science community is either Python or R, hence most tutorials utilize Jupyter notebooks in one or both of these languages.

SimpleITK tutorials and courses have been given in the following venues:

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SimpleITK: A Simplified Path to Insight [git repository].

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